Tree Pruning and Removal in Latrobe, Greensburg, Ligonier, Derry and New Alexandria

“You Call, We Climb!”
DAS Trees & More provides tree, brush, & shrub removal, trimming, and pruning service for residents in Derry, Greensburg, Latrobe, and all of Westmoreland County, PA. We do not hack trees. We are a professional tree service with the experience necessary to properly take care of your trees and woody vegetation. Our technicians follow the proper guidelines for pruning and removal.

When and How Should I Prune My Tree?

One of the most common questions that we are asked is “When and how should I prune my tree?” We follow professional pruning standards. Pruning should only be performed for specific purposes, including:
CROWN CLEANING: Selective removal of diseased, dying, weak, or dead branches, as well as suckers/water sprouts
CROWN THINNING: Improves light and air penetration; Lightens weight of crown
CROWN RAISING: Lower branch removal to provide clearance (the natural shape of the tree is maintained)
VISTA PRUNING: Specified areas of the crown are thinned or removed to enable a better view of areas located behind the line of sight of the tree
CROWN RESTORATION: Revitalization of the form, appearance, and/or structure of the tree to correct damage suffered from storms, vandalism, or previous non-professional pruning attempts
HAZARD REDUCTION PRUNING: Elimination of visible, impending hazards
ROUTINE MAINTENANCE: Specifically targeted pruning designed to improve the health and structure of the tree as it grows
Contact us to learn more about how you can improve the health and appearance of your trees or to schedule a service: (724) 953-1273.

Safe and Efficient Tree Removal in Westmoreland County, PA

When we are called in to remove a tree, it is not without some degree of regret, as this necessity usually signifies the death of a beloved property element. However, as life forms, trees do have a finite lifespan, and they should be removed promptly upon death. As trees age and decline, either as a result of disease or the passage of time, their presence in occupied areas becomes hazardous.
Trees may also outgrow their allotted space and create a hazard to humans and structures. Our professional arborists are trained to safely and efficiently remove trees without causing further damage to the tree’s surroundings. DAS Trees & More technicians have the specialized equipment and experience to remove any tree. We properly dispose of trees with minimal disruption, and clean up the area 100% upon completion. Please be aware that tree removal is dangerous and potentially deadly and should never be attempted by any individual without the proper professional training and equipment!
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DAS Trees & More is available to provide tree pruning and removal service throughout Westmoreland County, PA. Contact us at: (724) 953-1273 for routine and 24/7 emergency tree services.