Stump Grinding in Latrobe, Greensburg, Ligonier, Derry and New Alexandria

Residential and Commercial Tree Hazard Reduction

Trees in residential and commercial landscapes provide a pleasant and inviting backdrop for leisure activities, enhance curb appeal, provide shelter and shade, and help increase employee productivity. In addition, trees contribute significantly to residential and commercial property value appreciation. Professional tree maintenance is an essential component of property maintenance.
When you invest in the health and appearance of the trees on your property, you protect your equity and reduce hazard risks. If you have lost a tree, please be aware that simply cutting down the tree does not satisfy your residential or commercial duty of hazard reduction. DAS Trees & More offers professional stump grinding to eliminate the residual hazards to life and property, as well as ongoing maintenance of the improperly treated tree stumps.
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What Happens When a Tree is Cut Down?

When a tree is cut down, a stump remains. This stump is still alive and will continue to produce basal root sprouts (suckers, saplings, etc.) for many years. Several additional trees may eventually grow in place of the tree that was removed. Remaining tree roots may graft to nearby trees and continue to live on for decades or longer. Depending on the tree species, these “volunteer” or weed trees may prove to be difficult or economically infeasible to remove if proper preventive measures are not taken within 24 hours of tree removal. Our tree experts have access to powerful tree grinders and growth retardants that completely eliminate the tree’s ability to continue growing after it is cut down.

Why Choose Professional Stump Grinding in Westmoreland County, PA

Extensive root systems are best dealt with by hiring DAS Trees & More for professional stump grinding because their root systems may be difficult or impossible to remove.

STUMP GRINDING: A powerful machine is used to grind/shred the remaining stump well below the ground surface into mulch/wood chips that can be used for adding attractive landscaping features on your property. The remainder of the root system underground is treated to prevent regrowth and covered with soil.
Grinding a tree stump

DAS Trees & More eliminates stumps of trees that have been professionally removed, as well as those that remain following storm damage. Tree stump grinding is NOT a do-it-yourself project for homeowners inexperienced with stump grinding. Stump wood reacts unpredictably when chopped with chain saws, axes, and stump grinders. Inexperience with the potential issues involved with stump removal (and how to prevent and handle these issues) by amateurs often results in injuries and/or death. Don’t take chances. Contact us for prompt, affordable stump grinding throughout Westmoreland County, PA at: (724) 953-1273.