Retaining Wall Installation in Latrobe, Greensburg, Ligonier, Derry and New Alexandria

Attractive, Low-Maintenance Residential and Commercial Walls

DAS Trees & More installs a versatile selection of attractive and enduring retaining walls on your residential or commercial property. Retaining walls create and expand usable land. They are also optimal, low-maintenance replacements for areas that have been left bare by the removal of a tree. We can customize your retaining wall installation to include gradients, steps, or even and outdoor patio for entertaining. Many of our customers choose to have us design their retaining walls and hardscape structures with inserts (planting boxes) that allow for attractive accents such as flowers, herbs, small shrubbery, trailing vines, creeping thyme, and other plants to be grown.
Retaining Wall installed by DAS Trees & More

Why Should I Install a Retaining Wall?

If you are considering installing a retaining wall, there is no better time than now to begin your installation. Some of the most attractive planted features, such as creeping thymes, creeping phlox, campanula, and other exceptionally attractive rock covers that can be installed on your wall, have a slow rate of growth, yet their beauty and charm is unmatched as a landscape element, and well worth pursuing. If you have landscaping concerns, you should consider installing a retaining wall.
Retaining walls and related structures can be used for a wide variety of aesthetic and functional uses including:
> Barriers
> Seat Walls
> Steps & Stairways
> Curving Staircases
> Fencing
> Sign & Gate Holders
> Landscape Design Elements

Retaining Walls Minimize Erosion and Maximize Space

Retaining walls are designed to hold back soil, minimize erosion, retain storm water, help prevent flooding, and perform many of the functions performed by trees. Retaining walls can also help you maximize use of your existing space by pushing back soil to a near vertical slope to quickly install parking lots, buildings, and other structures where they would otherwise be economically infeasible to build. Flat spaces can be created on hilly lots. We can construct your retaining wall from a variety of types of materials, depending on your aesthetic preferences, desired lifespan, and budget. Options include:
> Rocks & Boulders
> Poured Concrete
> Bricks
> Concrete Blocks
> Treated Wood Timbers
> Created/Engineered Blocks/Bricks
Retaining wall
Retaining wall
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Increase Your Property Value in Westmoreland County, PA

Retaining and freestanding walls make enduring landscape additions that enhance your curb appeal, landscaping, garden, mailbox, patio, outdoor kitchen, and other areas that can benefit from the enduring beauty of a stone, block, or brick wall. A professionally designed, well-installed retaining wall will also tend to increase your property value. We offer a selection of materials and colors to complement or accent your existing architectural style. Contact the stone masons at DAS Trees & More to learn more about the styles, colors, and structural options available for your Westmoreland County, PA retaining wall installation: (724) 953-1273.